iMinds Conference 2011
iMinds Video Report

In case you missed this year’s iMinds Conference, we made a short video report. Wim De Waele (CEO of IBBT) tells us all about iMinds, and we added a small part of our interviews with keynote speakers Charles Leadbeater and Xavier Damman. You can find the full interviews with Wim, Charles and Xavier further below!

Interview Jo Caudron

Social media guru Jo Caudron gave a speech about privacy and censorship during the break-out about social & secure ICT. A couple of days ago he presented his new book ‘Fixing The Media’ in which he talks about the threats and opportunities media have to cope with. We managed to steal a few minutes of his time and pick his brain about the importance of social media and innovation. 

Interview Xavier Damman & Bart Becks

Xavier Damman is the guy who moved to San Francisco with his girlfriend and co-created Storify. His story is a story about young entrepreneurship, guts and a brilliant idea.  He shows us how important it is to find the right mentors. Bart Becks introduced Xavier as a keynote speaker, and talked about the similarities in his entrepreneurial story.

Closing Keynote + reception

Afternoon Break-out Sessions

Break-out Sessions: 4 interviews

Time is scarce, they say. But that was most definitely the case this afternoon. Luckily our reporters grabbed a few speakers and asked them what IBBT and iMinds means to them and what their asset is to this informative day. 

Karel Braeckman (Dutch) - Researcher VRT Medialab

Lisa Pattyn (Dutch) - Entrepeneurship Program Manager IBBT

Kathleen Heireman - MAPLE - Mobile, Adaptive & Personilized Learning Experience

Markus Moll - Future Health

Coffeebreak and interviews

Interview (Dutch) Sandra De Preter - managing director VRT

Recap with Wim de Waele

Wim de Waele is the CEO of IBBT. In his keynote he elaborated about the importance of consumers, interaction and entrepreneurship through a timeline story. We asked him about it, and how he experienced this year’s iMinds Conference.

Breakout Sessions part one.

We just finished the first series of break-out sessions. If you couldn’t make it yourself, check out these pictures and get a taste the of iMinds atmosphere.